• DATE29 April 2021

NRG Services were thrilled to adopt the eye-catching TradeMutt workwear across our sites in 2021. As our team continues to vastly grow, so does our need for greater awareness of the mental health of our crews.

As a business we are championing this new initiative together with monthly mental health TradeMutt events – getting together to chat in a relaxed setting.

We know that starting conversations around mental health can often be the hardest step – since introducing the TradeMutt gear to our sites across Australia we have sparked conversations not just within our teams both on-site and off but also within the communities we work in – both large and small.

Spreading the messaging around mental health in both a predominantly male work-force, and often rural and non-metro locations has allowed the NRG team to feel ever-more engaged in the initiative.

Being stopped on site or on the street by their colleagues or even complete strangers has been enlightening for the NRG Services team and we know now more than ever that if we can help just one person, then that’s what it’s all about!

Plus by supporting TradeMutt we as a business know we are supporting a number of other social enterprise initiatives which we congratulate TradeMutt on adopting.

Creating change in and around the Toowoomba & Darling Downs one high-vis at a time!

Here’s a little video about the initiative to explain further why NRG Services’ feels TradeMutt was such an essential addition to our team.