• DATE01 May 2018

NRG Services has welcomed the recent opening of FKG Group’s $40 million Pulse Data Centre as highlighting Toowoomba’s cutting-edge innovation. Completed in March 2018, NRG Services was responsible for the design, construction and commissioning of all electrical and mechanical systems for Australia’s first Tier III Uptime regional data centre.

Scott Eiser, NRG Service’s Project Manager for the data centre, said the project had contributed to major growth in their business. At its peak, NRG Services had 23 direct staff working on the project, including up to eight apprentices.

“We’re only a young company so this was a major achievement for our team in delivering such a large project in such a short build time while remaining on-time and on-budget,” he said.

“A lot of relationships were built during the project between the FKG Group, NRG Services, Schneider Electric and other sub-contractors – it all flowed pretty smoothly.”

For NRG Services, the project could be the platform for further growth in the technology sector nationwide.

“Once you get into that area, it’s definitely something you want to continue working on. I think it shows that Toowoomba and NRG Services are forging ahead and anything’s possible if you have the right people onboard,” Scott said.