• DATE01 March 2019

From suffering childhood abuse, family breakdown and domestic violence to successfully fostering 32 children, Jules Allen has shown enormous mental resilience to overcome adversity. On February 28, NRG Services and the FKG Group were delighted to help bring Allen to Toowoomba to share her inspirational message at the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce’s “Future Leaders Connect” event.

With the construction industry facing its own challenges in improving mental health, few messages could resonate as loudly as Allen’s and the former foster mum did not disappoint.

Allen shared an incredible story, from having her first foster child at the age of 22, to finding national fame as a MasterChef contestant and later becoming an award-winning youth advocate.

“Kids are kids and if you treat them with love and respect and not problems to be solved they’ll behave like kids,” Allen said, drawing upon her experiences with her own four children together with her foster family.

For NRG Services, Allen’s advocacy backed the company’s efforts in seeking to raise awareness of mental health issues, including through initiatives such as “Mates in Construction.”

“There are a number of challenges ranging from relationship breakdowns to financial problems and day-to-day stresses all affecting mental health of those working within our industry,” said NRG Services’ General Manager, Dan Briskey.

“It’s something I feel passionately about, in helping our staff and getting them to talk openly and freely about their problems. Few people have shown as much mental strength in overcoming adversity in life as Jules Allen and it’s vitally important to help raise awareness.”