• DATE24 March 2021

NRG Services were pleased to be engaged to work on the Thargomindah Water Cooling Project – aiming to provide the Thargomindah township with a reliable supply of cooled portable water.

Currently using water from the Great Artesian Basin located 800m below ground, water temperatures often peak at 72 degrees Celsius before flowing into the current cooling pond infrastructure and into town.

Offering a self-sufficient cooling plant delivering the desired flow, temperature and quality of water with the help of 240kw ground mount solar system that is captured and stored in lithium ion battery storage racks – when possible the aim is to run the plant entirely from the solar and stored battery power. Utilising the grid for back up when solar generation is low.

NRG’s design consists of plate heat exchanges and cooling towers to cool the water. The water temperature is cooled to around 30-35 degrees and is pumped directly to the township. Any excess water is stored and is ready for use when needed.

As a fully automated system, the plant is equipped with a live monitoring system tracking power consumption and savings, temperature, volume of water used, and water flow through to Thargomindah at any time.

NRG Services is proud to be working with Bulloo Shire Council on such an important project for the region.