• DATE22 July 2019

At last Friday’s Master Builders Awards evening for the Downs and Western Region, NRG Services was announced as the winner of the competitive Commercial Trade Contractor of the Year Award.

NRG Services received the award for their complex electrical work on the FKG Group’s innovative Pulse Data Centre project, led by NRG Services’ Project Manager Scott Eiser.

Scott said the scope of work was extensive for Australia’s first regional Tier III data centre, based in Toowoomba.

“We were very proud to be awarded the contract for the electrical works on the state-of-the-art data centre. The job was quite complex and required the full design, supply, delivery, installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance and warranty work for all electrical components. NRG Services was also responsible for managing the design and installation for all heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems throughout the data centre.”

With a detailed scope, a number of innovations were implemented by the team to ensure the project’s success. “The team were heavily involved in the design and were able to model the electrical components with software for clash detection, which enabled them to limit re-work and re-design once on site and working in a congested space. It also meant that cable supports and enclosures could be made off-site in advance to installation, which greatly sped up the overall assembly process,” Scott explained.

“The project was classified as a critical facility with no room for error in design or delivery throughout the fast paced nine month build of the highly complicated electrical system. With a large portion of the project being design and construct, we were constantly designing as we were installing. We also developed all new commissioning plans with a tailored suite of bespoke paperless inspection test plans for the site, simultaneously with construction.”

NRG Services General Manager Dan Briskey said he was very proud of the team and thrilled to see them being acknowledged for their work on the Pulse Data Centre project.

“This was a job that came with a tight deadline, complex requirements, worldwide standards, and no room for error. Our team provided first-class workmanship and successfully overcame any challenges they faced to deliver a high-tech and innovative project for the client. I’d like to thank our highly experienced and quick-thinking team leaders for ensuring NRG Services took home the award for Trade Contractor of the Year for their work on Pulse Data Centre.”

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