Carrel Drive Subdivision


Carrel Drive, Toowoomba, Queensland


Darling Downs South West




Completed - April, 2017

NRG Services were awarded a contract to install the electrical reticulation services and street lights for a newly developed industrial subdivision. The work included installation of electrical and communications conduits, pits and cabling that were connected to the existing Ergon Energy network. Four Rate 2 steel column street lights were also installed and all works were completed to Ergon Energy and NBN network design standards.

The work area was alongside an existing Bunnings store leading to a very high traffic flow through parts of the site. NRG Services’ Project Manager worked with the Department of Transport and Main Roads and the local Council to ensure appropriate traffic management plans were put in place. To avoid any access restriction to the site, part of the conduit installation was carried out using horizontal boring methods.

While the crews were installing the conduits, it was discovered that some existing services in the electrical easement were incorrectly aligned which made it impossible to install the additional conduits as per the approved plans. A meeting was arranged with the client’s engineers and a solution that involved further vacuum excavation and relocation of the existing assets was agreed upon. Quick action by NRG Services’ staff and the client’s engineers resulted, in no delays to the completion of the project.