Centenary Heights State High School Performing Arts Centre


Ramsay Street, Centenary Heights, Toowoomba, Queensland


Darling Downs South West




Completed - June, 2019

NRG Services were engaged by Hutchinson Builders to complete HVAC-R works for a new Performing Arts Centre at the Centenary Heights State High School in Toowoomba.

The new centre features a floor/audience area with a 500-seat capacity, air-conditioned via three packages. Two units service the foyer and stage area, and a 98KW Economy Cycle Unit services the floor/audience area which can also be segmented into four individual classrooms. In the right conditions, the Economy Cycle Unit has the ability to utilise pre-filtered air to cool or heat the space, saving on energy costs.

The three different systems are joined via a Building Management System (BMS) controller, respective temperature, carbon dioxide and humidity sensors, wall controllers and indicators to control the entire space as one.

The centre also features classrooms, change rooms, a performance control room and a blue room for interactive videos which are air conditioned by heat recovery VRV units – allowing each space to be individually controlled.

Works also comprised the renovation and repurposing of three existing buildings into art rooms, offices and a commercial grade kitchen featuring five stainless steel exhaust hoods, serviced by three roof mounted fans and VRV air-conditioning.