Charleville Showgrounds Lighting


Warrego Highway, Charleville, Queensland


Darling Downs South West




Completed - May, 2017

NRG Electrical was the successful tenderer to design and construct an upgrade to the main arena lighting at the Charleville showgrounds in South West Queensland. As a part of the tender process we were required to provide evidence of required systems and processes to demonstrate our commitment to the health safety and quality of our people and products.

The project involved upgrading all 56 light fittings to energy efficient Sylvania Britelite LED Raptor fittings, the upgrade of all pole top aviation beacons and upgrades to a switchboard and lighting control equipment. All works were completed as per a design completed by Gerard Lighting.

This project was delivered in a compressed timeframe as it needed to be delivered prior to the commencement of the local show. NRG Services were able to meet this deadline because of strong relationships with suppliers and the strong work ethic of staff. This ensured all equipment was sourced and delivered in time, and all installation works were complete.

The remoteness of the project was also challenging, but careful planning and procurement ensured that this was overcome.