Queens Park Pathway Lighting


Queens Park, East Toowoomba, Queensland


Darling Downs South West




Completed - September, 2019

NRG Services were engaged by the Toowoomba Regional Council to complete the civil electrical works in readiness for the installation of 39 pole top LED Luminaires within the main area of Queens Park Toowoomba. Additionally, NRG were engaged to complete variation works, comprising of the installation of conduits and pits in preparation for the future installation of CCTV within the park. The final project scope included the installation 39 pole footings, 45 electrical and communication pits, and approximately 1.2km of electrical and communication conduits.

Throughout the project, the team had to ensure appropriate precautions and processes were implemented to safely accommodate the high level of public foot traffic in proximity of the work zone. Processes also had to be followed to ensure the protection of multiple heritage listed trees in the work area, to manage this, the team worked closely with a project arborist to ensure that NRG had minimal impact on the tree roots, during excavation activities.

Council requirements stipulated that works were required to be completed prior to the annual Carnival of Flowers, resulting in the projects timeline being compressed. However, despite the reduced timeframe, the project was delivered ahead of schedule while maintaining a high attention to detail.

Since the completion of the project, NRG Services have been engaged to complete the next package of works at Queens Park for the Toowoomba Regional Council.