Toowoomba Base Hospital - Chiller and Major Switchboard Upgrade


Peachey Street, Toowoomba, Queensland


Darling Downs South West


$4.2 million


Completed - October, 2017

NRG Services were selected as the sub-contractor to carry out the Electrical and Mechanical works for the Toowoomba Base Hospital (TBH) Chiller and Major Switchboard upgrade. The project had to be completed with minimal interruption to the hospital and supply had to be maintained to all occupied zones and clinical service at all times. This was achieved due to concise communications and planning throughout the duration of the project.

The Mechanical component of the works included the installation and commissioning of six new chillers and all associated services including air cooled low load and base load chillers, water cooled low load chillers, chilled water coils expansion and pressurisation kits, chilled water pumps, buffer vessels, piping and valving, variable speed drives and associated control equipment

The NRG Services team completed all the works associated with the switchboard upgrades across the Toowoomba Base Hospital site. In total two main switchboards and 16 distribution switchboards were upgraded; and three new switchboards, two generator control panels and one new generator with ATS control were installed and commissioned. The upgrade also included installation and commissioning of new mains and sub-mains through-out the site, encompassing the installation and commissioning of more than 10km of cabling and 700m of cable support.

The NRG Services team co-ordinated all required tasks with client representatives to ensure that supply was maintained to all the critical services at all times. Detailed planning and the use of seven temporary generators across the site resulted in no interruption to the clinical services provided at the hospital.