• DATE02 November 2019

Throughout October, the team at NRG Services took their continual safety focus further by participating in Safework Australia’s National Safe Work Month. Each week the team’s toolboxes focused on being a ‘Safety Champion’ at all times, looking out for themselves and their mates on site, and making sure their mental health is a priority too. The team wrapped up the safety campaign with a pizza lunch and a bit of friendly competition with their take home reminder!

NRG Services’ Safety Advisor, Julie-Anne Olsen, said wrapping the campaign up with a bit of fun helped to make it an even more memorable message. “It was great to get the team together again to debrief on the past month, talk about the key messages over pizza, and enjoy a bit of friendly competition to end the campaign on a high and unforgettable note,” said Julie-Anne.

“I can confirm that there’s a handful of the crew who might need a little bit of frisbee throwing practice! However, Phil Somers (Data and Communications Manager – NRG Services – TMBA) definitely showed us all up with his winning frisbee throw!”

For more information on how you can get involved in National Safe Work Month, click here.