• DATE25 February 2021

The Wandoan South BESS is the largest utility-scale battery project and the first of its kind passing the full grid impact assessment in Queensland!

When complete, the Wandoan South BESS will have an export capacity of 100 megawatt and a storage capacity of 150 megawatt-hour.

The battery system will provide ancillary services and help maintain grid stability as growing number of variable renewable energy join the local grid.

The project will house more than 20,000 individual lithium-ion batteries in 1,500 battery racks housed in a custom-built climate-controlled building, protecting and managing the ambient temperature control and safety of the batteries.

NRG Services is proud to be working with Doosan GridTech on such a complex and progressive project for the region.

To learn more about this Project, contact our General Manager Dan Briskey at dan.briskey@nrgservicesqld.com.au.